Homepinr. Dream. Pin. Move.

We want to make it super easy for you you to find your next home. Show the world where you want to live and homeowners can contact you directly to see if there’s a match. It’s free and simple.

The Pins you see on the map are from homeseekers showing where they want to live. What you don’t see, are the Alerts of homeowners that want to get updates when someone placed a Pin on their home or close to their home. If homeowners see a Pin that matches their offer, they can start chatting directly! Sounds good?

Looking for a new home?

  1. Place your Pins on the map wherever you want! The Pins are there for everyone to see.
  2. Describe your wishes and set your search area.
  3. Wait until homeowners contact you directly to see if there’s a match!

Is anyone interested in my home?

  1. Set an Alert on your home. An Alert is only visible for you.
  2. Receive an email when someone placed a Pin on your home, close to your home or when your home is within the search area of a new Pin.
  3. Look for Pins that match with what you have to offer and start chatting!